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                Welcome to the official website of Jiangmen Xinhui Qinjian Hardware Craft Co., Ltd.!

                Qinjian Hardware Technology

                A company that integrates development, production and sales of metal products, specializing in the production of household goods, materials are mostly metal and plastic. Qinjian Hardware Craft Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, located in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese in Jiangmen, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. It has a complete set of production facilities including mould workshop, blanking workshop, punching workshop and assembly workshop. (Supported by more than 50 production equipments such as milling machine, grinder, lathe, shearing machine, can sealing machine, bending machine, polishing machine, etc.) The software and hardware are balanced.

                The company's main products: trash cans, toilet brushes, buckets, storage buckets, ice buckets, ice basins and other daily and craft metal products. The product quality is excellent, competitive, favored by domestic and foreign merchants.