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                Welcome to the official website of Qin Jian International Ltd.!

                What Factors Affect the Price of Plastic Waste Cans

                2019-02-15 15:25:51

                  With the increasing demands of the people on the environment, plastic trash cans, the supreme product of the big family of trash cans, are spread all over the streets and alleys, villages and towns. So the price of plastic trash cans varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. What factors determine the price of plastic trash cans?

                  The price of plastic trash can be divided into mainstream HDPE raw materials, PE and PP raw materials. HDPE is the primary raw material for general sanitation plastic bins. Plastic trash can is an injection moulding product. It is produced by injection moulding with HDPE particulates as color masterbatch, stone powder, fusing agent and other ingredients. Generally speaking, raw materials are the first choice for manufacturers in price war. They do not use new HDPE particles, but use recycled waste plastics into secondary particles or even three particles injection, so that the cost is much lower. Of course, the quality must be bad.